Doctor David Polyshuk

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   Don't go with the flow.
   Don't go against the flow.
   In your  life you should be the flow itself!

   David Polyshuk



                     About me

My name is David Polyshuk. I am a certified physician, homeopath and palmist.

I do not divide medicine into conventional and non-conventional. Medicine, in my view, is designed to help the patient recover by any of the ways known to man, regardless of how these methods are called.




Medical diagnosis via the fingernails and hands Character analysis and life potential via the hands

Treatment with homeopathy, aromatherapy, Bach plants, herbal medicine, mineralotherapy, acupuncture, bioenergetics ...





Doctor David Polyshuk, during 28 years of practical and theoretical research, has acquired knowledge and experience of both ancient and modern medicine. With the help of advanced alternative medical methods he has created unique formulas to treat a large variety of illnesses, and produce fast and effective results in both healing and preventative treatments.